Day Trip – Columbia, S.C.

Hi! It’s been a long time. Yesterday I took a day trip to Columbia, SC. Our purpose in going was to see Absolutely Fabulous. Columbia was the closest place to Myrtle Beach that was showing it. We got there too late for the 3 o’clock showing, but knew there was a later one. That second showing ended up being at 8:30 pm. So, we got home at 1 am.

With all that extra time, we went to the art museum.

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After an hour there, we looked at a store and ate dinner (part one). We then drove around the USC campus, and grabbed some coffee.  Hungary again we ate dinner (part two).  Finally, it was time to get to the movie theatre thirty minutes early.  Absolutely Fabulous was a great movie, and made the day absolutely fabulous.


Ciao for now,
I am busy writing some new posts.


Busy, Busy, Catching Up!

It has been a busy three months!  I have gone too Florida, my grandparent’s condo, Charleston, North Carolina, and I have had a bunch of school work! So here’s, a little catching up on what I have been up to.

I went to Florida with my Mom for her job.  I did school, babysat and went to the pool.  We ended with spending part of the day back in Charleston for my birthday!


For my birthday party I had a Mystery Dinner.  I purchased it from Shot in the Dark Mysteries.  I had the party at my Grandparent’s condo, then spent the week there for my Spring Break.  My cousins also came down for my party.

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I also went to Charleston, again.  We saw the Little Mermaid by the Charlotte Ballet.  On Sunday morning, my sister played the organ at a Cathedral.
Here’s a slideshow of some of the photos from that weekend!

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I did Mock Trial this year, so that required a day trip to Florence.
I went up to North Carolina for my aunt’s birthday for a day too, another day trip.

Last night was my dance recital!


There are many more things coming, stay tuned!

Build Up Each Other

“No foul language is to come from your mouth, but only what is good for building up someone in need, so that it gives grace to those who hear.” Ephesians 4:29

This verses has a deeper meaning than do not curse and build up the poor.

“No foul language” does not merely mean do not curse or do not use explicit language.  It means do not harm another with your words.  I can say things that appear insignificant but that hurt the other person so much.  The words you say should be edifying.  (This includes constructive criticism, as it teaches the person receiving.)  We should speak words that teach and build the other person up.

“Someone in need” is not limited to someone who is poor or heartbroken.  “Someone in need” is all of us.  None of us are perfect.  We are in need of edifying words.  Through these words we can grow.

Everyone is fighting their own battles.  We may not know what the other person needs or is going through, but we can take a stab in the dark and speak words of encouragement.

We should be graceful with each other.  Do not hold others to a standard of perfection but hold them to a standard of attempting.  Trying is what matters.  Try to build each other up, try not to judge, try to be graceful with one another.

The power of building someone up is magical.  A simple “good job” or “nice outfit” can make the difference in someone’s day.  Even if you are feeling down, take courage and build up someone else.

Happy Super Bowl Sunday,
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Hello, for the first time in 2016!

Hello Everyone, this post is going to be an update on everything I can think of that has been going on since I last posted!
Christmas and New Years were fantastic! It was restful and productive. A lot of it was spent at home or with family.
Back to School I eased myself back in. The Sunday before the first day back I planned out my week and I looked at what would be due. Doing this was so helpful! I didn’t get to class and wonder what we were doing before break.
MLK Weekend My family and I went to Jacksonville, Fl. My sisters go to an orthodontist down there. Their appointment was on Monday. We went to St. Augustine Saturday and Sunday morning. It was absolutely beautiful. St. Augustine is a colourful and history – rich town. In the afternoon we went back to our hotel in Jacksonville to spend time with our friends that live in Jacksonville and to swim.


Crazy, Hectic, Busy Life I have been back to school for three weeks now and, it feels like the end of 1st quarter.  I have had a lot of work due.  I think MLK weekend through everything off.  I think things are calming down, though.

This post may not have been very interesting but if you read the whole thing, Thank You!
I have had many post ideas the past few days!!  Hopefully, I will get them up soon.

Ciao for now!

London Eye & Parliment


Today I am writing about blogging, what I like, what I don’t like and whatever else I stumble upon while writing down my thoughts.


I like: being able to share my thoughts with the world.

I don’t like: having to figure out what my thoughts are.

I like: the challenge of figuring out what I really think.

I don’t like: not only having to come up with my thoughts, but whether or not I want to share them.

I like: the creative aspects of blogging, coming up with a header, tagline, pictures, etcetera.

I don’t like: the need of consistency, needing to actually write the posts is hard.  Especially with school, and other activities, I don’t have a lot of time, usually I end up forgetting that I want to post something.

I like: the large community of bloggers.  I love reading blogs and finding out what other people think and are interested in.


There you have it, what I like and what I don’t like.  One of my 2016 Goals is to post more frequently, once or twice a week.  I plan on making a post about my 2016 Goals before the New Year.  I had my last week of classes last week and exams this week.  Right now, I have a cold.  I think yesterday was the worst of it though, hopefully I’ll be able to go out tomorrow.  I had to stay home today.


Back in May


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Merry Christmas!

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We are all back home in the U.S.  Everything is back in full swing!  Our time in London was exciting!  Being back to (somewhat of) a routine feels good.  Although that never holds me back from traveling!

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Trafalgar Square

Friday & Saturday: The Last Days

We did the British Museum and its exhibitions, Celts: Art and Identity and Egyptians: Faith after the Pharoahs.  We joined Nan at Liberties for lunch.  Mom, Dad and Sadie took our time walking back to the otherside of the Thames.  We grabbed a snack from EAT. in Southbank Centre.  We walked to the Globe where we enjoyed dinner and Pericles.  Pericles was fantastic!  We took a taxi back to the house.
We toured Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park!  It was interesting to see everything!  Afterwards we took the tube to Kensington.  We went directly to the Victoria & Albert.  There we only did exhibitions, Shoes Pleasure & Pain and The Fabrics of India.  We ate dinner at Paul’s in Covenant Gardens.  We took a bus around town and a taxi home.