An Early Christmas Present

The last time, I wrote a blog post.  I was not expecting to write another about my health so soon.  The stage of treatment that I have been writing about required me to only go into tested clean environments, very few places meet this criterion.  It was hard to follow this, and it still is hard being on this medicine, but I am off that stage of treatment.  I am still on this medicine but on a lower dosage.  I can’t just go anywhere.  I have to be very mindful of where I go.  I do not know the extent to which my immunity has been built up, but the small handful of places I have been are yet to make me sick.

Have you gotten an early Christmas present?


~4 Months Later

Hey guys!  Senior year is a whole new kind of busy.  I’m working on the weekends at a Mini Golf Course.  I am taking a Senior Thesis course, so I have been working on picking a topic and researching it!  It’s kind of stressful but I like a good project.  Speaking of a house system projects, I have been helping launch a house system to help build community at the school I outsource some of my classes through.  I have been also been working on my college applications!  Those should be wrapping up soon, I plan on submitting three out of five of them over the next couple of days.

I have some awesome plans for this blog (and my life health permitting) in 2018.  The blog plans are slowly rolling out.  If you are interested in a series of college application related posts, will you leave a comment?  I have some other things planned but if that’d be helpful to someone, I’d be glad to write up what I know about the process.  Also, I really want to start getting a newsletter out in December!  When you go to my website there’s a subscription pop up window for you to get added to the list.  The more subscribers, the more I can write.

Health Update
The medicine I’m on requires me to not go into any buildings that haven’t been tested or that “failed” the test.  The test is expensive, and it takes a while to get the results back.  So, I am very limited in where I can go.  I have to be on this medicine for six months.  I am four months and seven days down!  I am not even sure how much the medicine is working.  Yes, that’s really annoying.  There have been some signs that it is working and signs of improvement.  The medicine is primarily building my immunity to mold up.

Thank you for being faithful readers!



Health Update

Tuesday I started my new medicine.  It is a nasal spray that I take four times a day, and must be refrigerated.  This medicine will build up my immune system to the toxins that inflame my body.  It will also restore the rest of my brain function.  There are two side effects my doctor is more concerned about than others.  The only one that has actually occurred in people on the medicine is anxiety.  The other is pancreatitis, nobody on the medicine has been hospitalized for this (or anything else).  I will be getting blood tests done every 30 days for at least 3 months to check that my pancreas is healthy.  I have to be on this medication for six months.  I am also continuing my diet, sugar-free, grain-free, caffeine-free, peanut-free, high protein, etc..


I cannot be exposed to anything that will make the slightest bit ill from mould, because I am building up my immune system.  This means I cannot go anywhere that has not been tested.  I stayed at our house from Easter till two weeks ago.  My room (the third floor) tested clean.  However, we got the tests back for the rest of our house and it was not clean.  We stayed at the condo last week, as a stay-cation.  After that though I went back to staying at my aunt’s.  I’ll be here for at least a month (probably longer).  We are getting some other places tested (eg. condo).



In June and July, I have also gotten to MUSC to be evaluated by their pediatric doctors specifically: cardiology, pulmonary and sleep.  My heart is good.  Pulmonary said I have some shortness of breath, that the doctor believes comes from unconscious stress.  She also said my nasal pathways were shaped abnormally.  The sleep lab found that I have mild apnea.  It would not even be considered apnea, except I am a child.

Pineapple found on the beach

Feel free to reach out to me for anything!  I appreciate the busy-work, while I am learning to be patient.  Also, I got a job a couple of weeks ago.  It is at miniature golf course, so I’m breathing outside air the whole time.

Thanks for reading!


“What’s up?”

I’ve been getting this question a bit more than normal lately.  I know it’s a normal question.  If you read my last blog post you can understand how it could be hard to answer.

Let’s try to answer this question now.


I am okay.  This has been a reality of mine for a while now.  I have gotten used to moving every few weeks.  I have been used to my symptoms since I’ve been experiencing them for a while.  That doesn’t mean my symptoms are perfect, but I am used to them.  I know how to handle them.  They do not scare me like they used to.


I was at my grandparent’s until Tuesday.  I started to seriously not feel well there about two weeks ago.  We are now back in our house!  The remediation process has finished.  While we can’t entirely move back in yet, it is great to be home.  We will finish moving back in once our remodel is complete.  It is likely to take place at the end of the summer.


School has been pretty tough lately.  As I have said, I have brain handicaps at the moment.  It will heal and I’ll go back to my pure ADD self.  It might be a while few months before that process ends.  Or even starts, I’ll find out more when I go to the doctor next week.  Some of my teachers have been working with me to get somethings to not be so hard.


One of things that has been hard for me is food.  I’m on a grain and sugar free lifestyle right now, plus a few specific foods.  I’ve been doing this pretty consistently since November.  This is because my gut is inflamed causing insulin resistance.  Also, just being patient.  This is not a get better quick thing.  It takes time a lot of time.  I’ve been on a certain medication since the end of January.  I should be getting off that soon and moving along to the next one.  In the mean time I have to be patient.  I feel like I am making no progress but I am trying to be trusting in the doctors and research.


I am home now, and hopefully will be until a trip at the end of May.  This means routine.  I thrive on routine. (ISTJ!)  I hope this gets me thriving more in school, and finally really focused on healing.



Maybe I’ll just make this post a weekly thing.
The photos are from Swan Lake Iris Gardens in Sumter, South Carolina.  Also, I have a Myrtle Beach related blog post coming up soon

2017-04-08 (2)


The Beginning of a New Journey

Hello!  It’s been a long time since I made a blog post but I’m going to explain why by going into what has been going on with my health and has started a new journey for me.

A little background information on my health.  I have a genetic mutation called methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase (MTHFR) specifically the A1305C variant.  I have ADD and a learning disability similar to dyslexia.  I also have mild scoliosis.  I’ve had difficulty breathing occasionally for a while now, but I do not have asthma.  Braces were a nightmare to me which lead to me to having minor TMJ.  Also. because this is the internet and you all don’t necessarily know these things, I’m 5’10” which actually helped lead the doctor to my diagnosis.

*Jessie Sprano freaking out about her height giph* (could not be found)

When I wear heels

My family and I are also on a natural path.  The world was created with everything we needed.  America in particular is turning to synthetics too much just because they’re new.  So many of them have a long list of side effects that are real.  When I say synthetics, I am talking about genetically modified organism (GMOs) and pharmaceuticals.   Just because our first choice is organic non-GMO food and natural alternatives to medicine doesn’t mean we wouldn’t or don’t ever eat junk food and take pharmaceuticals.  Of course, there is a time for pharmaceuticals and with how crazy our life is at the moment avoiding junk food is hard.  My mom is a doTERRA Wellness Advocate, which means her job is to teach people how to live naturally.

Whenever I say “us” or “we” it’s because my family is also on this journey with me because genetics.  🙂

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In the fall, I started experiencing problematic symptoms that lead us on this journey.  I say problematic because now that I know my diagnosis I can see I’ve had symptoms for a while.  My symptoms which I started to experience in September were high anxiety levels and insulin resistance.  At the time, I had no idea what was going on with my body.  The insulin resistance added to my anxiety and my anxiety was worse because my sleep was off because of my anxiety.  After going to the doctor, I learned that my memory was not up to normal standards either.  My official symptoms are: general anxiety, insulin resistance, memory impairment, insomnia, and headaches.  There were days when I just couldn’t do anything, still are sometimes.  After 6.5 years of drinking coffee one sip would make me shake and have panic attacks.

I, of course, did the normal thing and got a couple rounds of blood work done.  I also had an MRI (that was an experience, I’m also claustrophobic).  The blood work shown numerous things and the MRI showed that I had inflammation on my executive and cognitive function.  I was diagnosed with postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome (POTS) and chronic inflammatory response syndrome (CIRS).  The big thing here is CIRS.  Essentially, POTS means whenever I stand up my blood pressure changes significantly and most of the time I get a head rush or feel like I am going to faint to some extent.

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CIRS is basically saying I don’t detox toxins like a normal person.  Both of my parents are carriers for this gene and are affected by it (and thus my sisters too).  The diagnosis of CIRS led us to finding water damage in our house.  We have an old house.  It has been through many hurricanes being in Myrtle Beach.  The mould was the worst in my room.  None of the mould was visible in our house which means it is not as bad as it could have been.  As a home-schooler I spend a lot of time in my room as you can imagine.  To remediate our house, we have had to move out.  We all have moved around several times and have all lived under different roofs until recently. The remediation part of redoing our house is starting to end so we will get to stay there again soon.  Our house does need to be remodelled because of its age.  That will be happening this summer.  To remediate we had to get everything out of our house and into storage.  As much of that stuff as possible will be staying in storage since the remodel will be happening this summer.

Thank you for reading this.  It has been a crazy 7-ish months.  If you have any questions about this (because I know it’s confusing) either comment below (everyone will be able to see) or go to the about page where you can fill out a contact form (only I can see).  If I get a lot of questions I’ll answer them in one Q&A blog post, if I don’t I’ll put them in the next post about my health journey which I hope won’t come out too long from now.

Thank you for reading.

What’s your health story?

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What I am Doing to Survive the Rest of the School Year

I have five weeks, three days and thirteen hours and thirty-ish minutes left of the school year as I write this, only four weeks if I don’t include exam week.  Looking at the fact school started in September that is not very long.  If I include the fact there is not another chance to raise my grades after this, and I have to prepare for dance team auditions and the recital, OH I also have to eat, drink, shower, sleep, relax and maybe blog this is the busiest five weeks, three days, thirteen hours and twenty-eight-ish minutes of the year at the moment.


How I am possibly going to survive?

  • I am going to try to have a daily quiet time.  Meaning I am going to drink coffee, pray, read the Bible and listen to music for 10-20min. a day.
  • I am going to try to drink as much water as I can.
  • I am going to try to have snacks ready, like a whole bunch of them ready.
  • I am going to try to take an hour a day to practice dance.
  • I am going to try to get some ten hour sleep.
  • I am going to try to clean my room so I actually have a place to work.
  • I am going to try my best and know I am trying my best which is good enough.
  • I am going to try to schedule, schedule, make dozens of lists, so I get everything done in a timely manner and do not forget anything.

Good luck to everyone finishing off the year!
This would be a lot more detailed and encouraging if I wasn’t so busy!  Not to mention you shouldn’t even be reading this!  YOU SHOULD BE STUDYING! And learning about how English teachers do not like to see the word “should” or “you” in your writing!